Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Find AND Post Deals at Dealspotr

My friend Angie over at the Luv Saving Money blog knows that much like her I love saving money as well, so she invited me to Dealspotr. Dealspotr is very community oriented and is a place where people like you and I can not only find great deals but post great deals as well. It is their mission at Dealspotr to create the world's easiest, fastest, and most trustworthy tool for finding deals. Their goal is to list valid deals for every store, brand, and mainstream product but most importantly filter out all the stuff that doesn't work. To achieve this, Dealspotr is taking an open-source approach (think:  Wikipedia), which means couponing enthusiasts, deal finders, and anyone living a frugal lifestyle work collaboratively to curate the world's most complete and accurate database for deals. At Dealspotr, their community is their backbone and they've designed their platform and business model to incorporate their community as the centerpiece. Part of Dealspotr's mission, in addition to making deals easy, is to make sharing deals and advice more rewarding for their members, both in terms of financial rewards as well as social rewards. They've developed a sophisticated system that measures how each community member performs in terms of saving shoppers money and in turn they get rewarded through e-gift cards commensurate with their success. They also emphasize social connectivity on Dealspotr, offering a variety of ways for their members to connect with each other, keep up-to-date with their friends and followers, and gain recognition and visibility for being a great contributor.

Of course I love finding great deals on Dealspotr but I love posting deals as well (which is super easy), which earns me Amazon gift cards. Since joining Dealspotr in February (a little only 2 months ago) I've already earned $45 in Amazon gift cards, which is perfect because I do a lot of shopping on Amazon. In case you're wondering where I find the deals that I post on Dealspotr, well I find them via various social media outlets such as Twitter and Instagram and in my email, even in my spam box. If the deal I'm posting has already been posted by another member, it tells me so, which means at Dealspotr you won't find duplicate deals for the same store or product. Unlike many similar sites, at Dealspotr you also won't find a bunch of expired deals cluttering up the site either. There are so many ways to earn points at Dealspotr that you're just going to have to join (it's free by the way) to find out for yourself. 

You can join me on Dealspotr here:  https://dealspotr.com/?join=angiesue43 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Wild Calling Canned Dog Food Review

Disclosure: I received the below product from Chewy.com for free in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.

Wild Calling all started when Tim Petersen and his two sons wanted to feed their own pets something decent, not the typical pet food with added fillers and emulsifiers that could actually compromise the health of pets. Wild Calling products not only contain rich meat content but also fruits and vegetables, Omega 3 & 6, and Vitamins C & E. Wild Calling products are real, honest, and true. 

My two Pitbulls, Tyson and Crook, recently got to try some Wild Calling canned dog food. Wild Calling Shepherd's Choice is 96% lamb. It's grain-free and gluten-free. It contains nothing artificial. It has added vitamins and minerals dogs need such as zinc, copper, and iron. It's also made in the USA. This canned dog food is soft and mushy in consistency. It only has a very light aroma. It easily spoons out of the can. It's easy for my dogs to eat and they seem digest it well with no adverse reactions. Tyson loves it and wolfs it down, however, Crook doesn't seem to like it very well and after a small bite or two he's had enough, which is just fine by Tyson because that means more for him. I'm just glad that at least one of them like this dog food because I'm very happy with the ingredients. I've come to realize that my pets are just like my kids. They have different preferences when it comes to food and there's nothing wrong with that.  

Tyson and Crook enjoying a sunny day

You can find Wild Calling Canned Dog Food and other Wild Calling brand pet products at Chewy.com

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Review of Sigel of Germany CONCEPTUM Notebooks

Being the number one e-tailer of business and office supplies, Shoplet.com carries a wide range of notebooks but the CONCEPTUM Notebooks created exclusively by Sigel of Germany, which is a parent company of Bindertek, are by far the most exceptional I've had the pleasure of using.

In addition to its contemporary yet sturdy design, the Sigel Softcover Lined Notebook is equipped with a lot of terrific, sensible features. The soft cover is thick and well made but is flexible. It has an elastic closure and a pen loop. There is a customizable table of contents. There is an integrated filling pocket for business cards and loose leaf papers, as well as an archive pocket with two card slots. There is also a two ribbon page marker (one black and one white). One of my favorite features is that the 194 pages feature consecutive page numbering. In addition, the last 20 sheets are perforated. The pages are lined, cream colored, and thick. In addition, the pages are acid-free, chlorine-free, and wood-free. I was very pleased with this professional looking notebook. I appreciate all the included extras to help keep me more organized. This notebook could be used for so many different things such as taking notes, journaling, writing poetry/stories, etc. My son is a budding songwriter and this will be a nice notebook to help him keep track of his favorite songs.

The Sigel Hardcover Graph Notebook is an exceptional notebook as well. The hard cover is very thick and durable. It features many of the same extras as the Sigel Softcover Lined Notebook, including the pen loop, customizable table of contents, filling pocket, archive pocket with card slots, two ribbon page marker, numbered pages, and perforated sheets. However, the Sigel Hardcover Graph Notebook features a magnetic closure, which holds well, and instead of lined paper it has graph paper. The paper is also cream colored and thick in addition to being acid-free, chlorine-free, and wood-free. I was very pleased with the professional design of this notebook. Graph paper has many different uses, including plotting mathematical functions or experimental data and is commonly found in mathematics and engineering education settings. My son will be starting his first year of geometry next year and this will be the perfect notebook to help him get started and stay organized.

Overall, I was very pleased with both of these CONCEPTUM Notebooks. They are both stylish, uniquely designed with meticulous attention to detail, and made with quality materials.

You can purchase these Sigel products, as well as other Sigel and Bindertek products from Shoplet.com. In addition to being the number one e-tailer of business and office supplies, Shoplet.com also carries an assortment of cleaning supplies, medical supplies, office furniture and everything in between.

You can find Shoplet.com on social media at the below links

**Disclosure: I received the above products for free from Shoplet.com in order to perform this review. However, no other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.**

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Fuzzeez Review

Fuzzeez are the magical, huggable, lovable, and totally fuzzable friends you make yourself. There's no sewing involved. You just simply start with your favorite form (puppy, kitty, or teddy), add eyes and a nose and stuff with magical transforming fluff, spray and stuff until it's filled just enough, and wash and tumble dry.  You can follow the pattern or change it up to make your Fuzzeez truly unique. It says on the website that each Fuzzeez kit contains enough fluff and accessories to make two Fuzzeez buddies, however, this wasn't the case and the kit I received only contained enough material to make one buddy. 

My 11-year-old niece and I made a Fuzzeez Puppy outside on the picnic table on Easter Sunday as it was a pretty day outside. If making your buddy inside, I'd definitely be sure to place a towel underneath the work area as things can get a little wet when spraying the fuzz. We had a lot of fun making this together. The directions were relatively easy to follow. It took us about 30 minutes to get the Fuzzez ready enough for the washer and dryer. When all done, I think the Fuzzeez Puppy only turned out okay. Some parts of it turned out better than other parts but it is staying intact nonetheless. I don't know if that would be the case though if my niece would actually try to play with or cuddle with it but she can definitely display it and show it off to friends and family. Either way, it's still super cute and it was a fun project to do with my niece and that's what really matters....creating memories.  

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Disclosure:  I received a Fuzzeez Puppy for free in exchange for my honest review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own. 

Monday, March 14, 2016

Review of Tiki Dog Gourmet Carnivore Canned Dog Food

Disclosure: I received the below product for free in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.

TikiPets introduced the first true gourmet pet foods to hit the market with food developed with a nutrient profile that mimics the natural prey for cats and dogs (commonly referred to as Biologically Appropriate), featuring grain-free, human grade, whole shredded or sliced meats and seafood.  

My two dogs, Tyson and Crook, recently got to show their carnivorous side and sample Tiki Dog Gourmet Carnivore Canned Dog Food, Beef Liver & Chicken. This canned dog food is made with whole meats with added vitamins, minerals and trace nutrients. It is starch and flour free, as well as grain and gluten free. This canned dog food has a rather strong aroma to it, not the most pleasant but definitely not terrible either. The beef liver and chicken are shredded and/or cut into small pieces that are easy for my dogs to swallow. There is a nice amount of gravy as well. It seemed to be gentle on their tummies. Tyson and Crook just seemed to think this Tiki Dog Gourmet Carnivore Beef Liver & Chicken Canned Dog Food was okay. They will eat it but they are not in a big hurry to do so. However, we did share this dog food with their brother Dozer, who lives with my parents, and Dozer absolutely loved it and can't wait to try another can.  

You can find Tiki Dog Gourmet Carnivore Canned Dog Food and other Tiki brand pet products at Chewy.com

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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Pet Treater Monthly Subscription Box Review

Pet Treater is a subscription program that treats your dog every month with carefully selected quality items that won't break your wallet. Each month's box will vary with different items but typically includes treats, which are made in the USA or Canada, interactive toys, and gizmos and gadgets that make life with your dog easier and stress free, such as a leash, poop bags, or grooming supplies, as well as occasionally festive attire, costumes, or really fun stuff, like treat throwers, cool beds, and much more. Pet Treater also works with animal shelters. They've been working with their local shelters for a very long time, helping with their various needs. In addition, for every Pet Treater box that is shipped, Pet Treater will donate a toy, treats, blanket, etc. to a pet shelter in need.

Tyson and Crook, my two Pit Bulls, received a You Lucky Dog box from Pet Treater to review and it was full of goodies that did not disappoint. In addition to a new amazingly soft pet bed, their box included a bag of Pur Luv Healthy Support Doggydent Treats, two homemade cookies from Emmy's Gourmet Canine Creations, which smelled so good I wanted one for myself, a bandanna, two toys, including a Happy Tails Tuff toy and a super cute hedgehog plush toy, and a set of Banana Seal Pet Food Bag Sealers, which are pretty nifty. There was even something for me inside, a set of wash cloths, which I love. And if this wasn't enough, I received a package in the mail a couple of days after receiving this Pet Treater box, which contained a container of Wags and Wiggles Polish, which are pre-moistened grooming wipes, which have a nice scent and are perfect for use between washes. There was also a note from the good folks at Pet Treater saying it was accidentally left out of the box I received. My dogs and I were extremely impressed with this Pet Treater box and I was blown away by their incredible customer service as well. All the items included in this box are high quality items that my dogs and I will put to good use. You can really tell they put a lot of thought into the items they included in this box. This is by far THE BEST pet subscription box we've tried so far and I highly recommend it. 

If you'd like to subscribe to Pet Treater, you can get started here:  http://pettreater.com/getstarted.php. New subscribers who use the code TYSON-PTBED at checkout will receive a free pet bed with their first box or the code TYSON-PT5 will take $5.00 off your first box. However, you have to pick one coupon code or the other as coupons cannot be combined.  

While Pet Treater only offers subscription boxes for dogs at this time, due to overwhelming requests, they are offering a special edition CAT box while they work on a plan for monthly cat boxes, which you can purchase here:  http://pettreater.com/addtocart.php?id=43022  

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Disclosure:  I received a Pet Treater box for free in exchange for my honest review.