Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Review of Advantage II Treatment Shampoo for Dogs and Puppies

Advantage II Treatment Shampoo for Dogs and Puppies (over 12 weeks old) is unscented shampoo that is for the treatment of fleas and ticks and kills on contact. It treats up to 7 days so it shouldn't be repeated for at least that amount of time. You can purchase this shampoo and other Advantage products at Chewy.com.

This shampoo is clear and unscented but it lathers well and does a good job at getting my dogs clean. It didn't cause any adverse reaction whatsoever to my dogs or to me. We've already noticed ticks are out so I'm sure fleas are as well. My dogs didn't have fleas or ticks at the time that I used this shampoo on them so I can't say that it kills them on contact like it claims to; however, the Advantage II brand is one that I trust so I'm confident that this shampoo will help protect them for 7 days and will kill fleas and ticks on contact if that situation ever arises. We like to cuddle with our boys and we don't want fleas or ticks getting in the way of that. 

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Monday, April 13, 2015

Review of Lanyards from Grandma's Little Lilly

A couple of years ago I reviewed a super cute coupon organizer from Grandma's Little Lilly and I'm excited to be working with Rhonda once again as she has generously donated some lanyards for the National Medical Transcription Week 2015 gift bags I'm making for my co-workers, which you'll hear more about in May.

As hospital employees, my co-workers and I are expected to wear identification badges, as well as other badges on a daily basis. Identification badge clips can be pretty boring but the handmade lanyards at Grandma's Little Lilly are a great way to add a little pizzazz to your work wardrobe. These layers are made with four layers of 100% cotton fabric with reinforced stabilizer and they are stitched on both sides for extra reinforcement. They measure approximately 1 inch wide are are 22-1/2 inches long (including the swivel lobster claw/key ring hardware). 

The lanyard I reviewed features a cute paisley design with bright and fun colors. It's made extremely well and you can tell Rhonda definitely has a knack for making things. All of my badges fit perfectly using both the lobster claw or the key ring. It's not bulky and is comfortable to wear. I found it to be the perfect length. It is machine washable also. The first day I wore my lanyard I went out to lunch with some co-workers and I dropped some of my lunch onto my shirt and the lanyard. I threw it into the washing machine with a load of laundry when I got home and hung it up to dry afterwards. It was dry within about a day and still looks great. This lanyard also doubles as a key chain. It's my favorite new accessory and would make a great co-worker gift or a great accessory for a new teen driver. 

In addition to coupon organizers and lanyards, you'll also find key fobs, wallets, clutches, crayon totes, checkbook covers, and more at Grandma's Little Lilly

I'd love for you to check out Grandma's Little Lilly on Etsy and tell me what your favorite product or design is. 

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Review of Cox's Creamed Honey

I was super excited when Cox's Honey agreed to generously donate some of their honey for the National Medical Transcription Week 2015 gift bags I'm making for my co-workers, which you'll hear more about in May, but I was even more excited when they told me they would be sending creamed honey. Why was I so excited about reviewing creamed honey? Well, because I've never tried creamed honey before. Actually, I'd never even heard of creamed honey until I visited Cox's website to learn more about them. *Gasp* Anyway, here's their story in their own words...

"Delaun Mills Cox started the bee business about 1880 with a few colonies of bees as a side-line to other farming operations in Orderville, Utah. He produced honey to supply about the only sweet obtainable for his family and that small community.

Thirty-three years later he came to Shelley, Idaho, and started keeping bees again as a hobby, but made more money as a hobbyist beekeeper during World War I than from all his previous holdings. During the following years honey prices became depressed and in 1925 his son Orville S. Cox took over his bee business which became his tool of trade for his livelihood and raising his family. He produced, packaged, and sold clover honey. He also offered and sold comb honey. Overtime, Orville established his honey as a benchmark in superiority and purity. He marketed his honey under the trade name of “Cox Honey Farms.” Through a unique process, he created and established “Delicious Creamed Honey” which is recognized all over the nation as one of the best flavored and firm textured honey in the United States. Nothing is added and nothing is taken away from nature’s finest sweet.

In 1970 Orville formed a corporation with his sons Roy and Merrill, later joined by his grandson Terry Brunson. They have worked hard for over 30 years to bring to you nature’s own sweetener with all its wholesome delicious goodness. To this day they still enjoy beekeeping and offering the best honey on the market. Like their fathers before, Brian, Brent, Kendall, and Clay are continuing the “Cox Honey” tradition. With a firm understanding of the past, they are looking to the future with optimism and high hopes. They have a solid commitment to offering the purest and best honey on the market. They also have a firm resolve to not give into market pressures by cheapening the Cox Honey name. Today, Cox’s Honey offers Pure Clover Honey and Delicious Creamed Honey."
Okay, now back to the creamed honey. Cox's Creamed Honey is the most natural tasting, unrefined honey I've ever tried. It's sweet and so delicious. This is all because of the screening process that they use, which allows the most important features of honey, pollens, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes, to remain within the honey. And their honey isn't compromised by another kind of honey or blended with off-shore honey. Basically, Cox's Honey is Pure American Honey. The creamed honey is thick in consistency and almost looks like slightly melted ice cream, but it comes out rather easily with a spoon, and in fact that's my favorite way of enjoying it, by the spoonful. It's easy to eat and almost seems to melt in my mouth. But if you'd like to enjoy this spread over a biscuit, muffin, etc., it does spread easily. It doesn't have to be refrigerated and can be stored in a cool, dry place such as your cupboard or pantry. 

Cox's Honey is a brand of honey that I'm going to continue to use. I want to try their liquid honey next. What's your favorite way to enjoy honey and have you ever tried Cox's Honey?

The extraction, heating, screening, packaging, and blending processes at Cox’s Honey set them apart. Check out just how they do it by clicking here. Also, don't bee a stranger and stay connected. 

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Review of Vitabath Body Wash With Travel Carrier

"For more than 55 years, consumers have trusted the Vitabath brand for unparalleled skin cleansing and conditioning. Vitabath’s quality ingredients and rich fragrances indulge the senses and nourish the skin, resulting in a relaxing, yet invigorating, at-home spa experience. In 2011, Vitabath is revitalized its brand with the introduction of a new moisturizing, sulfate and paraben free body wash line in a wide variety of fresh, playful fragrances. Supplement Your Skin with Vitabath luxury."

I recently reached out to Vitabath and they agreed to make a donation to the National Medical Transcription Week 2015 gift bags I'm making for my co-workers, which you'll hear more about in May. In the meantime, I was able to review a Vitabath On the Go Body Wash 4 Pack Travel Carrier

Some of Vitabath's products include moisturizing body lotion, body wash, body mist, bar soap, sugar scrubs, and Shea butter hand cream. Some of these also come in travel sizes. The travel carrier I reviewed included four 2 fl oz Vitabath Fragrance Collection Body Washes in Heavenly Coconut Creme, Asian Orchid & Coconut, Pomegranate & Blood Orange, and Cucumber & White Tea scents. Each of these Vitabath body washes lathered very well and made my skin feel refreshed after showering. All the scents were very nice. My favorite scent was the Heavenly Coconut Creme, which was very subtle and pleasant. It was a nice clean scent. The Pomegranate & Blood Orange scent was one like I've never experienced before. It's intoxicating and invigorating.  The pomegranate and orange scents are the perfect combination. It's definitely a scent that will leave you feeling revitalized.

The travel carrier is pretty handy too. I love the fun decorations on it. It's a convenient way to organize these 2 fl oz bottles of body wash. You can bring this travel carrier right into the shower with you and you don't even have to remove the bottles individually if you don't want to. It's not bulky so you can just pop the lid to the body wash you want to use, flip it over, and squirt some out onto your pouf (or whatever you like to use). When your body wash bottles are all empty, you can just buy more Vitabath travel bottles and exchange them. 

What's your favorite Vitabath scent or which scent do you want to try?

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Gotcha Covered Notebooks Review

At Gotcha Covered Notebooks, they believe that the celebration of family, friends, and children is of the utmost importance. Though they specialize in notebooks, children are their real passion. They want every child to feel special and giving them a Gotcha Covered Notebook created especially for them is the perfect way to do so. Also, when you purchase products from Gotcha Covered Notebooks, you're helping to support the sustainability of the environment as all of their products are imprinted on site in their SGP certified facility (SGP is a non-profit organization dedicated to encouraging and promoting participation in the movement to reduce the environmental impact and increase social responsibility in the printing industry through sustainability practices within manufacturing operations). Their notebooks also conform with industry standards and are safety tested in accordance with the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. 

While the folks over at Gotcha Covered Notebooks have a passion for kids and want to make them feel extra special with their personalized notebooks, I'm here to tell you that they're not just for kids. I'm a 30-year-old woman and when I first saw Gotcha Covered Notebooks I couldn't help but think they were super cute and that I'd like one for myself. After all, I'm still a little girl at heart and I still love cute things. I was over the moon excited when they agreed to donate some notebooks for the National Medical Transcription Week 2015 gift bags I'm making for my co-workers, which you'll be hearing more about in May. 

Gotcha Covered Notebooks offers notebooks with over 250 unique designs (for both boys and girls), as well as coloring notebooks, sticker notebooks, and the option for you to create your own notebook. Each of their notebooks come in two different sizes, 5.5" x 8.5" and 8.5" x 11" and include 60 sheets of quality paper with durable metal binding. The entire personalization process is easy and fun but doesn't just stop at you being able to add a name to a notebook. You can also choose the color of the binding and also which type of paper you'd like in your notebook with 10 different options to choose from.


  • Wide ruled or college ruled. Great for homework, journaling, or songwriting.  
  • Sketch or sketch/lined. Great for doodling, sketching, or drawing. 
  • Practice or sketch/practice. Great for young children who are just learning how to write.  
  • Graph. Great for plotting mathematical functions or experimental data. 
  • Recipe. Great for keeping track of your favorite recipes. Or fill it with recipes and give as a gift to someone special.   
  • Checklist. Great for helping to keep you organized on a day to day basis or helping make your special event run more smoothly.  
  • Password. Great for helping you keep track of all your log-in information, passwords, etc. to your favorite websites.  

I love the fun patterned design of the notebook I received. The front and back covers are laminated, thick and very well made. The paper is very thick and well made also. The binding is also very durable. There is nothing cheap or flimsy about this notebook at all. It's very high quality. You can tell it was made with a lot of love. With college ruled paper, it will be perfect for journaling or keeping track of other important information. With all the personalization options available, these notebooks would make perfect gifts for boys and girls of all ages. I can think of so many different people who would love to have their very own personalized notebook.  

Who in your life would like a personalized notebook from Gotcha Covered Notebooks?

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Review of Borghese Eclissare ColorStruck Lipstick

*Disclosure:  I was given free samples of Borghese Eclissare ColorStruck Lipstick in order to perform this review. However, all opinions expressed are my own. 

I've been fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity to try several products from Borghese's Eclissare line and now I've been given the opportunity to review the ColorStruck Lipstick

Each shade of Borghese Eclissare ColorStruck Lipstick is vibrant, radiant, and tantalizing all in one. It comes in a sleek tube. There are 12 different shades from neutral to WOW! Each shade is multi-dimensional and includes a hint of pearl, which accentuates it for fuller looking lips. The lipstick goes on smoothly, feels great on my lips, does not clump or feel sticky, and lasts for a good while before it starts to wear.

The Eclissare line is truly a wonderful makeup line that includes products that will help you achieve a neutral look or a look with a nice wow factor, or anything in between.  

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