Thursday, October 8, 2015

Review of Grandma Lucy's Organic Pumpkin Oven Baked Treats

Disclosure:  I received the below product for free in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.

It's October, which means pumpkin is all the rage, pet products included, specifically Grandma Lucy's Organic Pumpkin Oven Baked Treats. Since 1999, Grandma Lucy's, which is family owned and operated, has been cooking, freeze drying, and packaging wholesome, natural, and delicious pet food and treats. These 100% USDA organic treats are made in the USA with human-grade ingredients. They contain no by-products, artificial sweeteners, colors, or flavors.  Since they are made with human-grade ingredients, I figured I'd try out these cute little teddy bear shaped treats for myself. They have a nice crunch to them and are very sweet (similar to Nabisco Teddy Grahams) with a nice blend of ingredients, giving them a subtle pumpkin flavor with the cinnamon flavor coming through nicely as well, perfect for fall. They didn't leave behind an aftertaste and they didn't bother my stomach in any way. My dogs really liked them as well, not wanting to stop with just eating a few. They didn't seem to bother their stomachs either. They kept trying to get the bag from the counter. They are perfect treats for dogs of all sizes but I do wish they came in bigger sizes as well for bigger dogs. Overall, I was very impressed with these dog treats and I think my dogs were as well. 

Here are some pictures of my dogs, Tyson and Crook, anxiously waiting for their next Grandma Lucy's Organic Pumpkin Oven Baked Treats and also a picture of Tyson trying to sneak the bag of treats from the kitchen counter. I was really happy that they liked these treats.

You can find Grandma Lucy's Organic Pumpkin Oven Baked Treats and other Grandma Lucy's products at

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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Review of Biotrue Rewetting Drops

In addition to being a blogger/product reviewer, I'm also a medical transcriptionist so I spend a significant portion of my day looking at a computer screen. This, along with other factors such as the environment in which I live, as well as my diagnosis of hypothyroidism, all contributes to tired, dry, and irritated eyes.  I was recently introduced to Bausch + Lomb's Biotrue Rewetting Drops, which is a product that can help with all of these eye symptoms. And in case you haven't heard of Bausch + Lomb, they are the leading eye care specialists with over 160 years of expertise. Biotrue Rewetting Drops contain hyaluronic acid (as sodium hyaluronate), which I'm familiar with as it is used in many beauty and skincare products that I use. Did you know that hyaluronic acid is found within the natural structures of a healthy human eye and its tear film? When used in beauty and skincare products, hyaluronic acid traps and holds onto water to keep your skin hydrated. Hyaluronic acid works similarly when applied to the eyes and keeps them lubricated and hydrated. Biotrue Rewetting Drops contain 0.24% hyaluronic acid, which means it stays on the surface of eyes longer than oter similar products which only contain 0.15% hyaluronic acid. 

I felt that the Biotrue Rewetting Drops helped my tired, dry, and irritated eye symptoms significantly, giving me relief in just minutes and leaving my eyes feeling refreshed and hydrated afterward. The drops didn't cause any type of adverse reaction whatsoever. However, I do seem to have problems using the dispenser. One pump of the dispenser is supposed to give you one drop, however, I sometimes have to pump it several times before a drop comes out. It would be more convenient if these drops were in some kind of dropper instead. Biotrue Rewetting Drops are preservative free and safe for contact lens wearers.

You can connect with Bausch + Lomb on Twitter at

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Review of Maco Dissolvable Labels

**Disclosure: I received the below products for free from in order to perform this review. However, no other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.** is the number 1 e-tailer of business and office supplies and at you'll find a huge selection of Maco products. Maco makes sheet labels, color coding labels, tags, card stock items, dissolvable labels, and more. was generous enough to send me three packs of Maco Dissolvable Labels in various sizes for review. These biodegradable, dissolvable labels are the coolest thing I've seen in a while. You can easily write on them whatever you'd like using any writing utensil (or format with pre-set template and print in your laser or ink jet printer), stick them on most surfaces (plastic, metal, glass, and wood), and then easily remove them with water. They start to dissolve immediately once they come in contact with water and it only takes a few seconds to remove it completely with no sticky residual left behind and no hard scrubbing required. There is no need to soak. You can even put them in your dishwasher. I put them on my son's lunch containers as little reminders not to throw the container and/or lid away or to remember to bring it back home. They adhere to the plastic surface well, even though it's not a completely flat surface, and they don't fall off the container during the day. I can leave him a different message everyday and not have to worry about these dissolvable labels damaging my container.  

These dissolvable labels are FDA compliant so they are also great for use in the food service and healthcare industries. You can use them for canning, organizing, etc. There are endless possibilities on how you can use these labels. How would you use them?

In addition to carrying business and office supplies, also carries an assortment of cleaning supplies, medical supplies, and everything in between. 

You can find on social media at the below links:  

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Movie Review: Finding Noah

About the Movie:  For over 2,000 years, man has Been searching for the Final resting place of Noah's Ark Been Though there have many attempts, FEW have Been Able to fully explore the one place in the Bible:. SPECIFICALLY Noted Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey Located,. Agri Dagh or "The Painful Mountain" is the tallest mountain in the region and lies in the very center of a centuries old, geo-politically unstable hot spot. With constant threats of deadly rock slides, hidden crevasses, and glacial ice falls, the Kurdish Rebel Held Mountain poses great Risk Explorer to any, let alone Those Performing a Thorough Scientific Investigation. 

Join Director / Producer Brent Baum and the FINDING They Follow NOAH Film Crew as an Expedition of intrepid explorers on a perilous Trek up to Mt. Ararat's desolate summit. There, using State of the art Technology and Real-time satellite Imagery, this Team of archeologists, scientists and professional mountaineers will begin a grid work of exploration unlike any before, hoping to finally resolve the age-old question: did Noah and His Ark Actually exist? 

SHOT in Never-before filmed in the harshest of Locations and Conditions, this unprecedented Feature-length Documentary Shows How far Men just are Willing to go to Discover the truth narrated by Academy Award nominee Gary Sinise. , FINDING NOAH is More than a quest for answers, it is a testament of the human spirit, where belief and the need for exploration transcend risk and limitation. 

My Thoughts:  I grew up in a Christian church hearing the story about Noah's Ark and in my opinion it's the most intriguing story in the Bible. What I found out at the start of Finding Noah is that the story of Noah's Ark and this catastrophic flood isn't just something that Christians believe in, but it's a story told in many different religions all across the world, Jews and Muslims included. Finding Noah follows a group of archaeologists, architects, geoscientists, wilderness explorers, pastors, missionaries, and more on an epic journey up Mount Ararat in Eastern Turkey, which is believed to be the final resting place of Noah's Ark, where civilization is believed to have started once again. On their journey, these men battled fatigue, hypoxia, whiteouts, and 100 mile per hour winds, just to name a few things. Did I mention that they did all this on hostile land so they risked their lives in more ways than one could even imagine. I found Finding Noah to be an amazing film and I feel so blessed to have been able to following along this amazing journey. While they may not have found quite what they were looking for, each man was able to find himself during this expedition and form lifelong bonds in the process. I have the utmost respect for every single person involved in this documentary. I also think that no matter what your religious belief is, you'll find this film to be very interesting. 

You can watch Finding Noah in select cinemas across the country on Thursday October 8th only. See if Finding Noah will be playing at a cinema near you and/or purchase your tickets here:  

You can find out more about Finding Noah at the below links.

Official Website:

Monday, September 21, 2015

Global Handwashing Day is October 15th

Did you know that October 15th is Global Handwashing Day? If you didn't, don't feel bad, because I didn't know until recently either. What are a few brands that you think of when you think about washing your hands? One brand that I always think of is Dial. Dial would like for you to help support global handwashing education in developing countries by having you sing up at Dial Rewards and use the code WASH9 (at the top of the page) at The Dial brand will donate $1 for every code entered (up to $50,000) to support global handwashing education. And entering this code gives you 500 points, which you can redeem for sweepstakes entries. 

Again, you can sign up for Dial Rewards here:

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Weruva Canned Dog Food Review

Disclosure:  I received the below product for free in exchange for an honest review. No other compensation was received. All opinions expressed are my own.

It's been a little while since Tyson and Crook tried a new canned dog food so I was happy when they were given the opportunity by to review Weruva Canned Dog Food. Weruva is a line of luxurious natural and grain free (which is a common allergy trigger for dogs) pet food that is suitable for all life stages. Weruva Canned Dog Food comes in many different sumptuous flavors, including Steak Frites with Beef, Pumpkin & Sweet Potatoes in Gravy

When I first opened the Weruva Canned Dog Food, the first thing I noticed was the nice aroma to it. It also looked pretty tasty as well in my opinion with the potatoes, carrots, and pumpkin being visible along with shredded beef, which could easily be torn into smaller sized pieces if needed. I thought this would be a tasty, hearty treat to add on top of Tyson and Crook's dry dog food.  I thought Tyson and Crook would love it but to my dismay they didn't seem all that excited about this dog food. On three separate occasions, Crook would reluctantly only take a couple of bites of it before calling it quits, leaving Tyson to finish the rest, which he did very slowly, which isn't like him at all when it's something that he loves. I wish I could ask them why they didn't care for it because it smells and looks mighty tasty in my opinion and it's good for them. 

I was almost certain that Tyson and Crook would be ecstatic about this canned dog food from and I'm disappointed that they didn't seem to care for it for some reason but that doesn't mean your dog wouldn't enjoy Weruva Canned Dog Food or other Weruva products sold at

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